Pictures of Wild Flowers

Buttercups mixed with other wild flowers

Pictures of wild flowers throughout the Sandyford & Goldenhill area, but do we appreciate what we have on our doorstep.

Pictures show daisy’s which children for many years have made their famous necklace chains from, and to the not so pretty dock leaves that soothe away the pain from prickly nettles.

Further pictures show how colourful the dandelion, buttercups and the broom tree blossoms can be as well as some other wild flowers in our area.

It’s important to know that in our part of the city that we have so many pretty landscapes, whether it’s from the rolling pastures of green meadow to the views showing the church at Newchapel to Mow Cop Castle.

Lonely Dandelion

Dock Leaves surrounded by nettles


Broom Tree Blossom

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