Air Weapon Being Discharged in Local Graveyard

Staffordshire Police have recently received reports of an air weapon being discharged within the Graveyard at St Johns Church, High Street, Goldenhill. It would appear that someone has placed a makeshift target on one of the trees and unknown persons are using it to fire the air weapon at. These persons are committing a […]

24 Hour Anti-Social Behaviour Helpline

Sandyford & Goldenhill Residents Association (S.A.G.E.) is offering residents the opportunity to report all types of antisocial activity to the City Council in confidence.

The information below is supplied by Stoke on Trent City Council, and it will help you to help us on how we can jointly stop antisocial activity in our community.


Criminal Activity on the Increase

On the 8th June a blue HONDA R5 was stolen from an address on HIGH STREET, GOLDENHILL. The chain securing the motorbike had been snapped off. There is no CCTV or witnesses.

If you have any information regarding the incident, please contact the police on 101 quoting incident reference number 265 of 8th June.


Property Damage in Heathside Lane

Staffordshire Police are following reports of windows being damaged by missiles being thrown or catapulted in Heathside Lane, Goldenhill. This is happening during the early evening as it gets dark.

Police Officers attended the area to reassure residents and give advice to those who have suffered damage or had concerns and to carry out enquiries.


When Old Memories are Good One’s

Hello Sandyford and Goldenhill folks, look who’s back with more memories of days gone by.

As you probably know, I have written a few articles reminiscing about earlier times in and around Goldenhill and Sandyford. Tom Simpson tells me that hundreds of people read these articles, this is very rewarding and also flattering to think […]

Terrorised Community Welcome ASBO’s

North Staffordshire Magistrates’ have forced two year asbo’s on Liam Burke and Jordan O’Brien both aged fifteen of Ridge Road, Sandyford.

Residents who reside in the area have been subject to antisocial behaviour for some time, which has included one family moving out of the area.

These antisocial behaviour orders have come almost three months […]

Sandyford Respect Day

S.A.G.E. has been involved with the City Council’s Safer Cities Partnership, Staffordshire Police and Councilor Martin Garner in regards to a “Respect Day” for Sandyford.

The reasson for having a “Respect Day” was suggested by the authorities because of the trouble the Ridge Road Estate people have suffered throughout recent years by having it’s fair […]

More Asbo’s Given to Local Teenagers

More justice is being seen to be done as two teenagers receive interim antisocial behaviour orders.

North Staffordshire magistrates yesterday imposed the orders on Liam Burke, aged 15, and 14-year-old Jordan O’Brien, both of Ridge Road, Sandyford.

The teenagers are prohibited from congregating in groups of more than two in a marked area of Sandyford; […]

Magistrates’ Court ban brothers from their home

Two teenage brothers have been banned from the street where they were living after making neighbours’ lives a misery.

Casey and Liam O’Brien, of Ridge Road, Sandyford, have been handed interim Anti-Social Behaviour Orders (Asbos) until July 19 after appearing in court yesterday.

North Staffordshire Magistrates’ Court heard how the brothers had been involved in […]

Temporary ASBOs Issued to Local Teenagers

It has been reported that temporary asbo’s have been issued to teenagers who have been involved in a number of antisocial activities with local residents in the Sandyford area.

The youths who live in Ridge Road, Sandyford, appeared at Fenton Magistrates court today where the temporary asbo’s were issued.

Local police and the City Council’s […]