A Future for Goldenhill Golf Course

Interest is being shown by investors who want to take on the previously run golf course at Goldenhill.

Tom Simpson, Secretary of the Sandyford & Goldenhill Residents Association (S.A.G.E.) said that the Sentinel approached him in regards to his and S.A.G.E.s views on what is happening to the golf course at Mobberley Road.

A lot […]

Damage/Vandalism “Goldenhill Golf Course”

Peter Hall from Staffordshire Fire & Rescue is requesting help from residents and especially those who walk their dogs on the golf course at Goldenhill.

The Prevent Team Fire Officer is asking people to report any damage to the golf clubhouse in respect to Vandalism etc.

Pete Hall shared his concerns with S.A.G.E. about the […]

Residents Win Fight to Stop Revamp Plans at Keele Golf Centre

Residents have won their fight in neighbouring Keele to stop controversial plans to revamp the Golf Centre.

Jack Barker’s Golf Company who used to run Goldenhill Golf Course asked permission from Newcastle Borough Council to improve the course at Keele so as to encourage more people to use the centre.

It was proposed the firm […]

Goldenhill Golf Course Closed “What Next”

Residents who live in Goldenhill and Sandyford need to be talking to S.A.G.E. so we can forward ideas to councillors and the City Council of what you want to happen to the land.

At the S.A.G.E. resident’s committee meeting this month the golf course was an agenda item and members made the following suggestions of […]

Goldenhill Golf Course Makes Front Page News

The story of events at the Jack Barker Golf Course in Stoke on Trent now features on the front page of the local newspaper.

Friends of Basildon Golf Course are working very closely with Sandyford & Goldenhill Residents Association and they say these are critical days for them because, in spite of them winning […]

Jack Barker’s Landfill was to Finance Basildon Golf Course Improvements

Friends of Basildon Golf Course in Essex are sharing some of their experiences like us in Goldenhill of having to deal with Jack Barker and the landfill issues at golf courses.

The following article makes very good reading along with the web links for more information.

In 2006 the municipal golf course at Basildon in […]