Goldenhill Working Mens Club – Planning Application

Goldenhill Working Mens Club has submitted a planning application to demolish the existing clubhouse to allow residential development, which will comprise 31 affordable housing units consisting of 21 two storey houses, 1 bungalow, and a 3 storey apartment block containing 9 apartments, together with a replacement clubhouse and all associated accesses, car parking, and landscaping.


Plans for Goldenhill Workingmens Club to be Demolished

An outline planning application to demolish Goldenhill Workingmens Club, and to redevelop the site with 26 houses, 14 x 2 bedrooms and 12 x 3 bedrooms, plus a smaller club house has been forwarded to to the City Council Planning Department.

Concerns S.A.G.E. has raised, along with Councillor Martin Garner is in respect to vehicle […]