Golf Course Landfill Across the Country

Friends of Basildon Golf Course in Essex has contacted Sandyford & Goldenhill Residents Association due to their same involvement with Jack Barker, whose real name is Ron Maydon in respect to landfill issues at golf courses across the country.

To give praise to the Friends of Basildon Golf Course people, at least they have succeeded where we didn’t by them stopping Mr Maydon (Jack Barker) from ruining their landscape.

Friends of Basildon Golf Course have fought Mr Maydon through the courts and to date some three and a half years later they have kept him off the land. Well done!

At least the gates have now been locked by the City Council at Goldenhill Golf Course but where does that leave residents, who will pay to put the land right because Stoke on Trent City Council has to make savings in the next financial year of 40 million pounds.

For more information, you can go to the website of Friends of Basildon Golf Course or visit The Sentinel website and use the search engine to find out more about Jack Barker’s Golf Course’s and landfill issues in our area.

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