1960’s Minimum Wage & Pastimes

David Wood this time talks about the hourly rate of pay in 1960’s Goldenhill when it was a minimum wage. David continues with his story by also saying what the young people used to do to pass the time away when getting bored.

David’s story starts by him saying, Let me go back a little, […]

Goldenhill’s All Saint’s “Tin Church”

David’ story this time talks about how a local church was a big part of community life, especially for the young people who lived in Goldenhill in the 1950’s and 60’s.

David says, the All Saint’s Church in Rodgers Street, usually referred to as the Tin Church then, was a regular meeting place on a […]

Telegrams to You Tube

David Wood’s story continues with the 1950’s Telegram and concludes with 21st century You Tube technology.

David says, urgent messages were delivered by telegram because very few people had telephones and this was the quickest way to do it. The telegram boys rode little red motorbikes and fairly whizzed around the city, in fact everyone […]

King George V & Queen Mary’s 1913 Visit to Goldenhill

Pictured is the Swan Inn Public House in Goldenhill, which was taken in April 1913.

Swan Inn, High Street, Goldenhill 1913

The decorated public house shows crowds of people standing outside and waiting to see if they can catch a glimpse of King George V along with Queen Mary.

In 1913 King George […]

Thanks for the Memories

Alan Clewes says thanks for the memories, I used to live in the jolly colliers, I was born there and left when I got married and then went to live in eccleshall in 1963.

Yes I remember the Uffers, used it many times for snooker and the weekly rave-up upstaires, I also remember the pub […]

1950’s & 60’s Goldenhill “Booze, Pop & Fishing Bodies out of the Sea”

David Wood talks in this article about beverages from pop to alcohol and how local life revolved around it. David also leaves us in suspense with Mr Steele fishing a body out of the sea, come on David where did it happen and do we know anymore about the story?

Red Lion Public […]

When 1950s Playtime Needed a Ball, a Couple of Jackets, a Rope & a Piece of Chalk

David Wood’s story this week starts with a ball, a couple of jackets, a rope & a piece of chalk and that was all that was needed for 1950s children to have a good time, how things have changed.

David goes onto say, we played football and cricket in any open space we could find, […]

When 1950’s Vicars’ rode Triumph Speed Twin Motor Bike’s

An unusual beginning to David Wood’s story this week because it starts at the church with Father Craig riding his twin speed bike, which shook the establishment back in the 50’s. David’s story continues like this.

1950's Triumph Speed Twin Motorcycle

Reverend Bowdler, the Church of England vicar of St John’s, was a […]

Steele’s Fashions Appeal to 1950s Goldenhill

Here are more stories of David Wood’s walk down memory Lane and they start at Steele’s Fashions, 1950s styles of course and finish at buying a penny cornet in the village.

Goldenhill Chemist 1967

Harry Barnett, Steele’s Fashions, Millington’s fishmongers and Sillito’s were all in a row leading to the phone box and […]

1950s Co-op with it’s white coated assistants

David Wood’s recollections start with his remembering of the Co-op and it’s white coated assistants. This is a sad place to start with this times story because about two months ago the Co-op moved out of Goldenhill and has been replaced by another food chain Supermarket. The down memory lane story goes as follows.