A Social History of Goldenhill in the Post War Years 1946 to 1964

David Wood who is our local historian for the Sandyford & Goldenhill Website has written a paperback book consisting of 145 pages about the social history of Goldenhill. The book covers the post war years in the area from 1946 to 1964.

The book has been published by David, and the front cover (pictured below) […]

Hello Duck!

Where does ‘duck’ come from?

Firstly the word “duck” as a term of greeting has nothing at all to do with the winged bird of the same name.

It is said to find its origin in the Saxon word ‘ducas’ which was meant as a term of respect; similar to the Middle English ‘duc’, ‘duk’ […]

Children’s School Trips Out by David Wood

Sunday school and ordinary school trips were a definate treat for us. The Sunday school trip was once an excursion to Drayton Manor Park near Tamworth. It may be a thriving amusement park now but back then it was what it said on the label, a park.

Morecambe Beach in 1952


1955 Goldenhill High Street

High Street, Goldenhill back in 1955

Councillor Martin Garner has forwarded a photograph showing High Street, Goldenhill taken in 1955 outside St John’s Church looking towards Kidsgrove.

The question we are all asking, who is the policeman in the photograph? Could it be Joe Smith, who is the Chairman of the Sandyford and […]

Early Memories of Latebrook Baptist Chapel

David Wood talks about his memories of Latebrook Baptist Chapel and his story goes as follows.

Sometimes on Sunday evenings we went to Latebrook Baptist chapel instead of the Methodists in Dale Street. My dad was a Baptist lay preacher so he liked to go when his friends were the visiting preachers there, his mother, […]

Woodstock Goes Back to 1809

David Wood’s story this time goes back to the original Woodstock, which started in 1809; he talks about the tracing back of his family tree over 200 years ago “how time flies.”

David starts by saying, his dad’s family all came from Woodstock which is along Broadfield Road, past the old chapel and by the […]

Goldenhill “When David Was a Lad”

Let me see if I can give you a general idea of what it was like in the village of Goldenhill in the 1940s and 50s, or as the saying goes, when I was a lad.

Goldenhill Train Station in the 1950's

There was a maze of streets and back alleys, perfectly designed […]

Village Life by Gaslight

Street lighting powered by gas

A short but interesting story of life by gaslight in Goldenhill.

David Wood’s article this time goes by him saying that Goldenhill village still had gas lamps for street lighting until the early 60s.

The chap who was responsible for the maintenance of the lamps used to ride […]

1960’s Minimum Wage & Pastimes

David Wood this time talks about the hourly rate of pay in 1960’s Goldenhill when it was a minimum wage. David continues with his story by also saying what the young people used to do to pass the time away when getting bored.

David’s story starts by him saying, Let me go back a little, […]

1950’s Paperboy Rounds

David Wood’s story this time talks about his paper round and goes like this.

My paper round went from High Street through Willis Street to Heath Street, all the way up to the top of Charlotte Street, across North Street, down Alice Street including Andrew Street and finishing with Anne Street at the bottom.

On […]