Youths Kicking Peoples Front Doors

Staffordshire Police want to make parents aware that a group of youths in the Fegg Hayes area are kicking at peoples front doors for fun. Sandyford & Goldenhill Residents Association would also like to report that this antisocial activity has recently been happening in the Sandyford area as well.

Some people being targeted are […]

Tunstall Fireworks Incidents

On the 31/10/23 from 7pm to 8:30pm Staffordshire Police received a number of calls for service, reporting a large group of masked males causing criminal damage and setting off large fireworks. A number of business premises were directly targeted by these males. The first incident the group threw house bricks through the window of […]

Antisocial Behaviour, Sandyford McDonald’s

Staffordshire Police are reporting that recently teenager’s have been causing antisocial behaviour in McDonald’s on Sandyford High Street.

The Police are working with McDonald’s and will not tolerate this sort of behaviour and names have been taken. McDonald’s have issued banning letter’s to the teenager’s involved and they are not welcome in their restaurant […]

Drop In, Tunstall Market

Tunstall local policing team will be in Tunstall Market on Wednesday 28th of June for a drop in meeting from 9.30 a.m. to 11.00 a.m. Joining them will be other agencies, including the Council, Anti Social Behavior Team and Local Councilors Tabrase Din and David Williams. You will find them near to the cafe.


Drug Activity/ASB House Closure Notice in Goldenhill

Due to recent Anti Social Behaviour and drug activity at an address on Colclough Lane, Goldenhill. The Police working with the Council have obtained a Closure Notice on the property. The Closure Notice prohibits access to the premises for the period specified in the notice. Only the Police or a local authority can initiate […]

Property & Vehicle Damage in Cotton Road & Broadfield Road

Staffordshire Police have reported that on Thursday 16th February at approximately 21:45 a red BMW series 1 pulls up in Cotton Road. Two males then get out of the car and smash the windows at the front of the property and also damage a car in the driveway of a house on Broadfield Road. […]

Antisocial Behaviour, Sandyford Park

Children’s Playground at Sandyford Park

Increased antisocial activity is taking place at Sandyford Park, which has access from Wignall Road, Ridge Road and Sandy Road. Broken glass, isolated fires, off road motor biking and noise are just a few of the incidents which have been regularly reported to the residents association.

Sandyford & […]

Report Antisocial Behaviour

There is now a new link on the Sandyford & Goldenhill Residents Association (SAGE) Website to report antisocial behaviour in your area.

The link which is Click here to report any antisocial behaviour is located on the left hand side of the “Home Page” above the “Police 101 Logo”.

Please remember that if you don’t […]

Antisocial Activity, Your Help is Needed?

Sandyford & Goldenhill Residents Association has made the police aware of regular vandalism/littering under the public footpath bridge near to James Brindley Way.

The location is after Victoria Park Road roundabout and goes onto James Brindley Way (South) and at the traffic light crossing you go onto the public footpath and then to the location […]

Air Weapon Being Discharged in Local Graveyard

Staffordshire Police have recently received reports of an air weapon being discharged within the Graveyard at St Johns Church, High Street, Goldenhill. It would appear that someone has placed a makeshift target on one of the trees and unknown persons are using it to fire the air weapon at. These persons are committing a […]