St John’s Church Suffering More Damage

Staffordshire Police have reported that recently they’ve received a couple of incidents with teenager’s hanging around St John’s Church, High Street, Goldenhill causing damage and engaging in anti social behaviour.

If you have seen anything suspicious or teenager’s around the church please call the Police on 101 or private message on Facebook […]

Prospective Owners of “St John’s Church” Meet with Council’s Heritage Team Over War Memorial

Concerns are being raised in the communities of Goldenhill and Sandyford in light of the perceived uncertainty regarding a war memorial’s future, which is located in the grounds of St John’s Church, Goldenhill.

It has been reported that members of the City Council’s Heritage Team have recently met with the prospective owners of the church, […]

Concerns over Goldenhill’s War Memorial

It is being reported that St John’s Church in Goldenhill has been sold, and if true there are growing concerns that the war memorial located within the grounds would be under threat if a developer did not want to keep it on site.

Local residents and other concerned people are saying that the […]

St John’s Church Goldenhill For Sale

St John’s Church in Goldenhill has been placed on the property market to be sold by “rightmove” estate agents.

The property is a Grade 2 listed disused church building constructed around 1840.

Residents have always had concerns in regards to what will happen to the church. Previous suggestions were that the building was going […]

People make Decision over Goldenhill War Memorial’s Future

The Goldenhill War Memorial relocation consultation has proved a success with the community coming to a unanimous decision about it’s future. The consultation day on the 5th April at Goldenhill Community Centre received a number of visitors each with constructive comments, including representation from the Methodist Church and people from the War Memorial Trust in […]

St John’s Church Memorial Salutes It’s Fallen

St John's Church, Goldenhill

Concerns have been raised at a recent meeting of the Sandyford & Goldenhill Residents Association (S.A.G.E.), in regards to a consultation period by the Diocese of Lichfield into St John’s Church being deconsecrated or sold off.

It was confirmed that church services are now being held at Tunstall’s Christchurch […]

St John’s Churchyard

A website user has recently contacted the SAGE residents association in regards to the state of St John’s Churchyard.

The contact details that have been requested are as follows.

Father John Stather, 01782 838288

Hope the information provided will be of some help.

1955 Goldenhill High Street

High Street, Goldenhill back in 1955

Councillor Martin Garner has forwarded a photograph showing High Street, Goldenhill taken in 1955 outside St John’s Church looking towards Kidsgrove.

The question we are all asking, who is the policeman in the photograph? Could it be Joe Smith, who is the Chairman of the Sandyford and […]

New Plans for Derelict School Site

The redevelopment of the Old Church School on Goldenhill’s High Street has been a topic of conversation for some time, especially with the building being left open to vandalism and its eyesore appearance.

Paul Squire from Landstone Homes came to see the S.A.G.E. committee and Councillor Martin Garner last month to see what ideas or […]

Redevelopment – Old Church School

Paul Squire from Landstone Homes (Birmingham) attended the Sandyford & Goldenhill Residents Association Committee Meeting earlier in the month in regards to the redevelopment of the old Church School on Goldenhill’s High Street.

Paul Squire said, the site is losing money and that is why he is asking S.A.G.E. & Councillor Martin Garner to give […]