Off Road Bikes Sandyford/Goldenhill

Staffordshire Police are reporting that recently they’ve received reports of Off Road Bikes predominantly on the greenway at the bottom of Heathside Lane. Officers have attended and the youths are approximately aged between 11 and 18 dispersing onto the fields. Local officers are working with Stoke-on-Trent Council to target those damaging public green spaces […]

Police Need Your Help to Find Wreckless Bike Riders

Staffordshire Police are asking for help to identify the riders of this bike or the location this bike is being stored. It was seen riding wrecklessly on Scotia Road on the 16th of June. Members of the public reported seeing the bike in Tunstal High Street almost hitting pedestrians.

To provide any […]

Police Are Trying To Identify Off Road Biker

Police officers in the Tunstall area are appealing for residents help to identify the rider of a bike which has been regularly seen on High Street Tunstall and Furlong Road.

The bike is a full sized off road style bike, its all black and has a number plate on the back which is […]

Off Road Bikes

Staffordshire Police report that as the weather gradually starts to get warmer we will no doubt experience issues with nuisance motorbikes.

Staffordshire Police and the council are looking at putting an operation together called Op.Transom, it will target vehicle related Anti-Social-Behaviour & you can contact the council via – 01782 233400 or […]

Police Sieze Quad Bike Ridden By a 2 Year Old

After calls regarding off road bikes on the Greenway near to Tunstall Park, police officers have seized a quad bike under 165 of The Road Traffic Act.

The bike was being ridden by a 2 year old and a 6 year old at the time. Appropriate agencies have also been informed and […]

Antisocial Behaviour – Off Road Bikes

Staffordshire Police have warned since the weather hopefully improves we will no doubt see an increase in the use of off road motor bikes in the area.

From previous years the sooner we can start identifying the culprits and taking action the less of a problem we will have later in the […]

Off Road Bikes Menacing Sandyford Estate

Staffordshire Police are receiving information regarding off road bikes menacing residents on the Bankeyfields Estate in Sandyford. It is reported they are riding along William Coltman Way and Andrew Mulligan Way.

The police are advising residents to get in touch with them with –

Detailed description of the riders and bikes Information […]

Nuisance Off Road Bikes

Staffordshire Police are reminding residents that it is against the law in the UK to ride off road bikes or mini moto’s on public roads and pavements. The same applies to trail bikes and quads unless they are displaying valid number plates. Please call the police on 101 or call anonymously on 0800 555 111 […]

Goldenhill Golf Course Suffers Nuisance Behaviour

Staffordshire Police and local residents have reported experiencing problems with nuisance off road bikes and quads on the former Goldenhill Golf Course.

Anyone who has information regarding these off road bikes or quads are asked to please call Staffordshire Police on 101 or crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.