Covid-19 Vaccination Scam

Staffordshire Police have been made aware of scammers that are sending e-mails inviting users to input their bank details into a website to confirm their COVID-19 vaccine appointment.

Please be aware that the NHS will never ask you to share your bank details or pay for a […]

Stoke City Council Are Providing Covid Testing In Hanley Tomorrow

Stoke on Trent City Council are able to offer community testing for COVID-19 at The Regent Centre, Regent Road, Hanley, ST1 3EG tomorrow (Tuesday 10th November 2020) between 10am and 12:30pm.

To access this service you must book in advance. If you are experiencing coronavirus symptoms you are able to book a test by visiting […]

Coronavirus-Related Scams – How To Protect Yourself

Criminals are exploiting the COVID-19 pandemic to try and get their hands on your money and personal information. To date, Action Fraud has received reports from 2,378 victims of Coronavirus-related scams, with the total losses reaching over £7 million. How you can protect yourself from Coronavirus-related scams: There are some simple steps you can take […]

Stoke on Trent Not Following Midlands Decreased Trend With Coronavirus

It has been reported on Midlands Today by BBC reporter Patrick Burns that although the midlands coronavirus infection rates have fallen to 0.68; the best now behind London that unfortunately in Stoke on Trent and Walsall there has been an uptick in the virus.

It is important to follow Government guidelines to make sure Stoke […]

Deep Cleaning Your Home: Preventing The Spread of Germs & Keeping Safe Through Coronavirus

With lockdown in place, many of us are looking into the best ways to keep our home clean. This is especially important if you’re self-isolating.

It’s safe to say that a lot of us don’t like housework. But lockdown could be the perfect opportunity to get some deep cleaning done.

Scientists are still unsure about […]

Play Area Signs Forbidding Children to Play Are Being Removed By Vandals

Goldenhill’s Brakespeare Street Children’s play area, which has been cordoned off by signs forbidding children to play there have been removed several times.

Stoke on Trent City Council has confirmed they have returned on three occasions to reinstate the signage, and emphasise the restriction put in place is to safeguard children and adults from the […]

Coronavirus “Staffordshire Police Update”

Staffordshire Police say that the Government has announced that everyone must now stay at home, except in exceptional circumstances.

Please DO NOT call 101 or send a private message for general advice or questions on staying at home.

We need to make sure now, more than ever, that our phonelines are free to take calls […]

Coronavirus Related Fraud

Staffordshire Police are reporting “Coronavirus Related Fraud” which is affecting many people, and they want you to be aware of what is happening.

What scams are we seeing? The majority of reports are related to online shopping scams where people have ordered protective face masks, hand sanitiser, and other products, which have never arrived. Other […]