Memories of Drummond Street, Goldenhill

Pictured right is Drummond Street, Goldenhill before it’s demolition back in the 1960’s.

The picture shows how comminity spirit was back in the middle of the last centrury where residents could leave their front doors open without the fear of being burgled, and when neighbours could pop around for a chat and […]

Drummond Street, Goldenhill Before The Landscape Changed

Pictured right, Drummond Street, Goldenhill in the 1960’s before the houses were demolished and the new Goldenhill Community Hall/Centre and St John’s Vicarage was built.

How times have changed from the many terraced houses that landscaped the area of Goldenhill, although it is nice to remember what it was like in the good old days […]

Early Memories of Latebrook Baptist Chapel

David Wood talks about his memories of Latebrook Baptist Chapel and his story goes as follows.

Sometimes on Sunday evenings we went to Latebrook Baptist chapel instead of the Methodists in Dale Street. My dad was a Baptist lay preacher so he liked to go when his friends were the visiting preachers there, his mother, […]

Woodstock Goes Back to 1809

David Wood’s story this time goes back to the original Woodstock, which started in 1809; he talks about the tracing back of his family tree over 200 years ago “how time flies.”

David starts by saying, his dad’s family all came from Woodstock which is along Broadfield Road, past the old chapel and by the […]

King George V & Queen Mary’s 1913 Visit to Goldenhill

Pictured is the Swan Inn Public House in Goldenhill, which was taken in April 1913.

Swan Inn, High Street, Goldenhill 1913

The decorated public house shows crowds of people standing outside and waiting to see if they can catch a glimpse of King George V along with Queen Mary.

In 1913 King George […]

Steele’s Fashions Appeal to 1950s Goldenhill

Here are more stories of David Wood’s walk down memory Lane and they start at Steele’s Fashions, 1950s styles of course and finish at buying a penny cornet in the village.

Goldenhill Chemist 1967

Harry Barnett, Steele’s Fashions, Millington’s fishmongers and Sillito’s were all in a row leading to the phone box and […]

Back to Goldenhill High Street

Going back to the High Street are more of David Wood’s recollections of village life in Goldenhill’s 1950s and early 1960s.

735 – 741 High Street On the far left is the Roman Catholic church. Centre shop: G.E.Jones "Farm Produce" "Fresh Food Supplies" Right Shop (No 741) "Gowns & Mantles"

On the […]

Titanic Year “Goldenhill 1912”

This is the latest instalment in the series of articles on the people, traders and businesses in Goldenhill. The population in 1911 was 4896, an increase of about 500 since 1904.

If you look at the progress which was made between 1834 and 1912 and then compare it with what has occurred since 1912, I […]

What was it like in 1904 Goldenhill

Goldenhill has finally arrived in the 20th century.

Queen Victoria is no longer with us, instead of being Victorians we are now Edwardians with Edward VII as king and the prime minister is Arthur Balfour, Conservative.

The population is 4378, that is an increase of 1200 in the 8 years since 1896.

The main sources […]

Happy Memories of 1960’s & 70’s Goldenhill & Sandyford

Paul Wilshaw shares some of his memories of growing up in 1960’s & 70’s Goldenhill & Sandyford and would like anyone who remembers him or his family to get in touch.

Paul goes onto say that he lived and grew up in Goldenhill in the 60′s and 70′s and reading some of the comments brought […]