“Love Your City” Fortnight 11th to 25th September

‘Love Your City’ fortnight is taking place from Monday 11 to Friday 25 September.

During this time, city councillors right across the city will be supporting our communities with litter picks and clean-up events. We’ll be marking world clean-up day on 16 September, and we’ll be starting to deliver new community spaces through our […]

Illegal Dumping In Our Towns

To help tackle the problem head on, and ensure that fly-tipping is at the top of the agenda, the council have planned a mixture of tactics;

A pledge to clear a thousand grot spots across the city in the next 100 days.Issuing strict £400 fixed Penalty NoticesSuccessfully securing funding to employ three part-time […]

Concerns Over Council’s Proposed Green Space Team Cuts

Tom Simpson, Secretary, Sandyford & Goldenhill Residents Association (Ridge Road Park Entrance)

Sandyford & Goldenhill Residents Association has many concerns over proposed greenspace and streetcare team cuts within the city. Residents fear many things, including an untidy appearance of the area, and accessibility through pathways because of hedge row not being cut back. […]

What a Mess!

Lauren sends a note of warning to Stoke locals, due to a recent two-week break, she says, I missed our local council waste collections, so I ended up using a man and the van rubbish clearance service I found on Facebook, it cost me £35 and the guy fly tipped the waste. I ended up […]

Sandyford & Goldenhill Residents Public Meeting

Residents Public Meeting Information



Hollywall Lane Suffers Further “Fly Tipping”

In the early hours of Monday morning (13.03.17) residents were alerted to more fly tipping in Hollywall Lane, Sandyford by irresponsible people who don’t care where or when they choose to dump their rubbish.

It has been reported that Stoke on Trent City Council immediately closed off the lane when it was realised that […]

Environmental Crime – What Is It?