Youths Kicking Peoples Front Doors

Staffordshire Police want to make parents aware that a group of youths in the Fegg Hayes area are kicking at peoples front doors for fun. Sandyford & Goldenhill Residents Association would also like to report that this antisocial activity has recently been happening in the Sandyford area as well.

Some people being targeted are […]

Listen to the new knife crime podcast & also details on your nearest knife crime amnesty bank

Staffordshire Police say that you may have seen increased local coverage on the topic of knives over the past week as we’re currently working with partners to promote the Ditch the Blade campaign.

To reassure you, 99% of young people aged 10 to 29 don’t carry a knife, so it’s not a common thing.


Pebbles Legacy Dog Rescue Appeal

Staffordshire Police say they were sad to see that the brilliant charity Pebbles Legacy Dog Rescue is struggling to continue. Officers and Staff at Burslem & Hanley Police Stations are collecting food and blankets hoping to help the amazing staff continue looking after vulnerable dogs.

If you have any unwanted blankets or would be […]

Stone Thrown by Teenagers Causing Damage to Car Windscreen

Staffordshire Police have reported an incident on James Brindley Way (Sandyford) just up from the Hungry Horse pub by the traffic lights on Friday 17th November at approximately 3.30 p.m.

The incident involved several teenagers where a stone was thrown and resulted in damaging a car windscreen. The driver and passenger were badly […]

Tunstall Fireworks Incidents

On the 31/10/23 from 7pm to 8:30pm Staffordshire Police received a number of calls for service, reporting a large group of masked males causing criminal damage and setting off large fireworks. A number of business premises were directly targeted by these males. The first incident the group threw house bricks through the window of […]

Antisocial Behaviour, Sandyford McDonald’s

Staffordshire Police are reporting that recently teenager’s have been causing antisocial behaviour in McDonald’s on Sandyford High Street.

The Police are working with McDonald’s and will not tolerate this sort of behaviour and names have been taken. McDonald’s have issued banning letter’s to the teenager’s involved and they are not welcome in their restaurant […]

Tell-tail signs of ATM fraud

It’s a good idea to scan the area around ATMs before you use them. Be aware of anyone standing close by and always check the machine to see if it’s been tampered with before you use it.

Tell-tale signs of ATM fraud

Things to look out for are devices attached to the machine – […]

Stolen Number Plates

Staffordshire Police are appealing for information regarding the theft of a front number plate outside the side door of Tunstall market on Butterfield Place. The car was parked by the steps which is a very busy area, between 10am and 11am yesterday the 20th October.

If anyone has any information please ring the […]

Operation Sparkler Event

Staffordshire Police and Staffordshire Fire and Rescue will be holding a community event at Tesco, Clough Street, Hanley , ST1 4LS starting at 9am on Saturday 21st October 2023.

Bonfire Night is close approaching and as part of Operation Sparkler; local officers from Staffordshire Police and staff from Staffordshire Fire and Rescue will […]

Out of Control Dogs: What Does it Mean?

Staffordshire Police say letting a dog be ‘dangerously’ out of control is against the law, no matter where! Besides a dog owner’s home, the rules also apply at:

Any public place (e.g. a children’s playground or park). Private areas, such as at a neighbour’s home or garden.

UK law considers a dog as ‘dangerously […]