Hundreds of Pounds Worth of Car Damage

In the early hours of Saturday morning, 23.04.11 local residents woke up to having door mirror damage to their cars.

It appears that six vehicles were affected in the Sandy Road and Russell Road area of Sandyford.

One resident who has contacted Staffordshire Police has estimated the cost to replace the door mirror to her car to be around £400.

Again, it appears to be a small minority of individuals who are making residents lives a misery with their antisocial activities.

At the Sandyford and Goldenhill Residents Association Public Annual General Meeting held on the 14.04.11 it was reported that local youths are encouraging others from Chell and as far away as Meir to join them in their plight to upset as many people as they can in the area.

The following statement has been forwarded to the S.A.G.E. website from a very concerned resident and she is encouraging others to step forward and do the same.

At 5am this morning Saturday 23rd April I was woken by noise, I went to investigate and did not see anything, I later found that my door mirror to my car and several others in the street had been damaged, I am waiting for a visit from the Police and I would like everyone to report any damage to the Police, as the vandals were seen. This is to ensure the Police have all the information needed to deal with these people.

To report any antisocial activity in your area, contact Staffordshire Police on 0300 123 4455.

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