Enough is Enough “Local Woman Threatened in Street”

On Monday evening, a local woman was threatened outside her own home in Sandy Road, Sandyford by youths who live in nearby Ridge Road.

It was reported the aggressive teenage youths said they were going to beat the woman and her family up as well as going to put her windows through.

Local residents who are fed up with the ongoing antisocial behaviour started to turn against the youths with visual solidarity of strength after seeing one of the youths showing off a golf club.

Residents witnessed seven police vehicles in the street as well as an ambulance having to visit the scene after one resident collapsed and had to be treated by a paramedic.

One resident who lives in the area said this antisocial behaviour must end soon before people take matters into their own hands.

It was reported that on Wednesday, youths appeared in court on public order offences, which occured in the Sandyford area.

Police officers are continuing to visit local residents to make further statements and to show visual support to a community who has been suffering from antisocial activities for the past two years.

To read more about the attempted hammer attack on a local man in the area two days prior to this, then follow the link http://www.thisisstaffordshire.co.uk/Police-investigate-report-attempted-hammer-attack/story-12723528-detail/story.html

4 comments to Enough is Enough “Local Woman Threatened in Street”

  • Jesus, is this just the one family doing this Tom, or is it a bigger gang?

  • If the police and the council are failing to do anything positive about this situation, then I don’t see what’s wrong with defending your own community. Scum like this could do with a good hiding, it’s the best lesson to teach a bully.

  • Where’s your elected councillor in all this?

  • John Morgan

    Craig Pond is a bitter and twisted benefit scrounger.

    If you had got elected as councillor you would be more likely to be having dealings with the police as a suspect for racial hatred.

    Never mind Craig, carry on swinging the lead.

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