Happy Memories of 1960’s & 70’s Goldenhill & Sandyford

Paul Wilshaw shares some of his memories of growing up in 1960’s & 70’s Goldenhill & Sandyford and would like anyone who remembers him or his family to get in touch.

Paul goes onto say that he lived and grew up in Goldenhill in the 60′s and 70′s and reading some of the comments brought back some happy memories. I lived in Breakspeare Street with my parents Dennis and Sylvia Wilshaw. My brother David was actually born in the house in 1965. I attended the C of E Junior School and remember teachers Mr Hancock and the formidable Mr Beech. My father worked as a bus driver for Stoniers and Jeffreys, which was 50 yards from our house. I always remember the large bonfire that we used to have on the banks as we called it on Guy Fawkes night. My great Uncle Dan and Aunt Nellie lived opposite Eva Bourne’s shop. I remember my mum sending me there with the items she wanted written on a note. We moved into No 4 Ancaster Street in 1971. I remember the street party we had in 1977 for the Queens Silver Jubilee. We arranged a game of football (jumpers for goal posts) between the lads and fathers on the car park area at the bottom of Breakspeare Street with yours truly scoring the winning goal, and the party held at the Methodist Chapel where we attended Sunday School. These are just a few of my memories and I’m sure I have many more…If anyone remembers me or my family please drop me an e.mail at paul.wilshaw@ntlworld.com

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  • Mike Michalak

    We visited Goldenhill last year (2010). It was first visit to the UK since 1994. I have many happy memories of Goldenhill as my grandparents lived there. My grandparents, Rose and Henry (Ernie) Caldecott were my world. Trips to the Legion with my grandfather were the highlight of any trip to Goldenhill.

    My grandfather played for Goldenhill Wanderers FC.

    I just about recall all the old houses being knocked down in the 1970s.

  • Terry Maguire

    Hi, Was just reminiscing over old times and thought I would see if Goldenhill wanderers were still playing. Back in the late 50s I remebber being the club mascot, Every match my Dad “Tom” and me would attend. Sometimes my Uncle “Gerald” would also attend…..was it so long ago!

  • Tom Simpson

    Hi Terry,
    I have just spoke to Joe Smith, Chairman, Sandyford & Goldenhill Residents Association (SAGE) who is now in his early 80’s; he used to play for Goldenhill Wanderers, centre forward/right wing in the 1950’s. Joe used to be the policeman at Goldenhill Police Station and later he became the police sergeant.
    Joe knows many people in Sandyford & Goldenhill and you may know of him yourself.
    It is believed the football team is still around but unfortunately not as big as it was in days gone by.
    Many thanks for your show of interest.

  • Dave

    Hi folks, Joe was the village bobby when I was a lad, he certainly kept us on the straight and narrow and also off the pavements with our bikes.
    The nice thing was that I met Joe again in 1994 some 30 years after my childhood and he remembered me, he even reminded me that if it hadn’t been for him, most or all of us would have ended up in the nick, I hope and think that he was joking because we weren’t really that bad, we always did as we were told.
    I was talking to him last Thursday and he’s still one of the good guys.

    Back then there were two football teams, Goldenhill Wanderers and Goldenhill Villa.
    One team played on the Rec and the other where the roundabout and bypass are now at the side of the cricket field.

  • Frank Whittle

    I lived in Goldenhill between 1951 and 1970 (Andrew St then Park Farm View)I attended school their and most of my mums family (The Epltetts) come from the area. My great uncle James Eptlett kept the Swan pub and played for Goldenhill wanderers I have his winners medal for “The Sentinel Cup” for 1908. I would be interested to know more about great Uncle Jim and the cup winning team of 1908 ?

  • David

    Hi Frank, long time no see, I think your brother John is about my age, I was born in 1946.
    I remember you living in Goldenhill and think that you have at least one sister.
    I have included some links here for you to have a look at.
    I can recall Miss Eptlett being at Church Infants School and she and her sister lived in the house next to Jennifer Clowes by the Reliable Stores.
    David Wood


  • Terry Maguire

    Tom, Hi thanks for the response althaough mine is a little tardy. I vaguely remember a policeman at a home match, turning up getting changed and then leaving after the match as a bobby again. I think we were playing Foley. I can remember wanting to go to school on Monday in my Blue and White striped shirt…of course Mum said No! I ended up playing for the school team (Mill Hill Juniors) as keeper.

  • Rosemarie Dacosta

    Not sure if this is too late but I am the younger daughter of Stuart Jeffreys and I remember Dennis Wilshaw as one of my dads drivers. We lived in Oldcott crescent until 1963 then moved to May Bank. My mother Eve was 95 yesterday but sadly my Dad died in 1989. Other drivers were Arthur Newton Jim Hudson Kenny? Ronald Jeffreys Harry Roberts to name but a few!

  • David Wood

    Hi Rosemarie, it’s never too late to reminisce about Goldenhill.
    Paul Wishaw is a Goldenhill Memories Group supporter on Facebook if you are interested.
    I remember your family and the bus company.
    Your cousin Daphne contributes to GMG occasionally.
    The Wheatsheaf pub where your uncle Len lived gets a mention occasionally to.
    David Wood
    Keen Goldenhill amateur historian.

  • David Wood

    Rosemarie, disregard the Daphne comment, wrong family.
    I do recall Celia and Carol though.

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