Ex Tunstall Councillor Dave Sutton Dies at 61

Former Councillor Dave Sutton passed away over the Bank Holiday weekend at the age of 61.

Dave Sutton who previously represented the Tunstall Ward as councillor, which included Sandyford & Goldenhill is believed to have died after suffering a heart attack.

Former Tunstall Ward Councillor Dave Sutton who passed away at the age of 61

Dave Sutton has been the Chair of Goldenhill Community Centre since December 2010 and he has called bingo there on Friday evenings for a number of years.

Whilst being a City Councillor Dave was involved with the Fire Authority, especially in the planning of the new Sandyford Community Fire Station.

S.A.G.E. along with residents from Goldenhill & Sandyford would like to send their condolences to his brother Paul and the rest of his family.

Also, former Councillor Geoff Gettings passed away on Thursday 25th  August. Geoff served on the City Council from 1992 to 1999 as councillor for the Tunstall Ward.

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