S.A.G.E. Vice Chairman Tony Downs Dies at 72

It is sad news to report that Tony Downs, Vice Chairman of the Sandyford & Goldenhill Residents Association passed away on Thursday (22nd September) at the age of 72.

Tony pictured centre wearing a cap for a "Our Heroes" nomination

Tony has been the Vice Chair of S.A.G.E. for almost 10 years and prior to that he sat on the committee as a member.

Tony was a thoughtful and caring member to his community and always wanted the best for local residents in the Goldenhill and Sandyford areas.

The role of being a committee member on a residents association can be a thankless job at times but Tony was always there to show his support to whoever wanted it at the time and that is why he survived his senior position of being on the S.A.G.E. committee for so long.

Tony’s other role in the community was that of “Altar Server” at St John’s Church in Goldenhill to which he has dedicated his life to serving the church for almost 60 years “what an achievement”.

St John's Church, Goldenhill where Tony served as Altar Server

His Daughter Christa has sung her Dad’s praises for many years and has always been a big part of his life, whether it was keeping diary dates for him to attend meetings to helping out when residents association leaflets needed delivering.

Tony will be sadly missed by all the people who knew him and our thoughts go out to his family and especially his daughter Christa who meant so much to him.

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