Steele’s Fashions Appeal to 1950s Goldenhill

Here are more stories of David Wood’s walk down memory Lane and they start at Steele’s Fashions, 1950s styles of course and finish at buying a penny cornet in the village.

Goldenhill Chemist 1967

Harry Barnett, Steele’s Fashions, Millington’s fishmongers and Sillito’s were all in a row leading to the phone box and then the Swan pub.  Sillito’s became Boulton’s plumbers eventually. Mr Boulton converted a shop into a laundrette which brought untold luxury to the village.

Tucked in between Boultons and the pub was the smelliest gent’s toilet in the world, I only ever went in there once, never again.

Elgood Lane or Church Lane as it was called then, had the Church of England Junior school on the corner with St John’s church and the vicarage next door. The next building was the Church Infants school, headmistress Miss Eptlett.

Lane’s ladies and gents outfitters and Jones shop were just before the Catholic church, which I can remember being built in the early 50s.

There was small sweet shop tucked away in Gordon Road, I think it was Mrs Farmer who ran it.  On the corner of High Street and Broadfield Road stood the Sandyford Co op store which is now the motor bike dealers.

Meakin’s new factory was built in the field on the corner of Hollywall lane and most of the employees from the Royal Albert pottery in Parsonage Street Tunstall moved to there, my mum was one of them.

The small traders in the back streets consisted of Mr Bromley who had a shop in Taylor Street, Mrs Bourne in Heath street who had a hairdressers opposite, Mrs Moss had the corner shop  in Charlotte Street next door to Jeffreys garage & Mrs Jones was at the top of Alice Street.

There was a chip shop in Brakespeare Street, there were at least 3 small builders yards and there were 2 Coal merchants in the village, one of them had a lorry and the other delivered by horse and cart.

The cobblers in Alice Street were my mum’s cousins Tom and Fred Stanier and every day around 4-o clock the big polishing machine was switched on and you could feel the vibrations in our house, 3 doors away.

There was the undertaker in the village, Mr Reeves and he looked the part, very sombre.

The ice cream maker was Jim Dutton’s father and you could buy a penny cornet from Jim or his dad, if you had a penny to spend that is.

There is still more to come from David Wood’s stories of Goldenhill & Sandyford, so keep on watching for more interesting tales of days gone by.

9 comments to Steele’s Fashions Appeal to 1950s Goldenhill

  • hi david just been reading your comments on goldenhill in 50/60s nice of you to mention my dads cobblers shop in alice st. we lived at no 13 until we moved to sandyford in the 60s you have brought back a lot of names and places i had long forgotten about .

  • David Wood

    Hi Tom, it is really good to hear from you, it brings back all the memories of playing football and cricket at the back of our house and being scared of breaking the windows in the bakery.
    As you probably remember we lived at number 5, next but one to your grandmother, who was related to my grandmother, cousins I think.
    I last saw your dad about 1994 I think.
    My sister Joyce still lives in Goldenhill.
    There are still a few pages to be published yet on this subject so keep tuning in.
    Didn’t you used to live in Oldcott Drive, either in the shop I couldn’t remember much about or next door to it?
    David Wood

  • hi david yes we lived at no 3 on the corner of oldcott crescent but moved to haslington 22yrs ago.I will continue to follow with interest. tom stanier

  • David Wood

    Hi Tom, I have just placed a message on Friends Reunited for you. David Wood.

  • hi david have only just registerd with facebook no message as yet

  • David Wood

    Tom, it was Friends Reunited I posted the message on.
    I will have a look for you on facebook though.

  • sorry david meant friends reunited not facebook. tom stanier

  • David Wood

    Tom,I have sent you an e mail with my address.

  • Kath smith nee kelly

    I remember steels fashions the had items in draws , I remember buying a small head scarf from there blue with a large red rose . Also barnetts my mum always shopped there always Christmas treats we’re lovely. Duttons ice cream used to come round with a cart lovely ice cream, many good memories lived there through the 50s I still think of it as home .

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