Staffordshire Police Support Volunteers

Staffordshire people are being invited to put something back into their local community through a new Police Support Volunteer programme.

The initiative is launched this week by Staffordshire Police to give residents the chance to actively engage with Local Policing Teams across the county and Stoke-on-Trent.

A large number of people already devote time to working with the force – including 514 Special Constables, 13,080 Neighbourhood Watch members, 3,221 Citizen’s Panel members, 26 Independent Advisory Group (IAG) members and 330 Speedwatch members.

Now, members of the public are being invited to apply for new roles as vehicle fleet support volunteers, community language volunteers and community initiative support volunteers. As the programme develops, further volunteer roles will be considered.

The scheme is part of a countrywide Police Support Volunteer programme coordinated by the National Policing Improvement Agency (NPIA) and the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO). It is being launched during National Volunteers’ Week, which runs from 1 to 7 June.

Assistant Chief Constable Julian Blazeby said: “The Police Support Volunteer programme is a fantastic opportunity for the public to directly support their Local Policing Team and gain satisfaction from playing a part in their community.

“We already know from our officers’ daily interactions with local people that they are keen to get involved in the things that matter to their local communities.

“Volunteers already play a crucial role in the Staffordshire Police family through the Special Constabulary, Neighbourhood Watch and other schemes. They improve interaction between police and the community and help us create sustainable and evolving links with them.

“This is not about replacing current police officer or staff roles. It’s about volunteers taking on simple but important tasks that will support officers and staff and allow them to concentrate on doing what they are trained to do.”

ACC Blazeby added: “Volunteers bring fresh ideas, raise local concerns and can suggest solutions. They bring a wide range of experience and skills to the teams that they support, and add value to the work of trained staff. Volunteers have a wealth of knowledge and skills that can benefit the wider community.”

Vehicle fleet support volunteers will help keep the force’s vehicles in a clean condition and ensure they are fully equipped with kit, Community language support volunteers, who will speak a second language.

To find out more call 01785 232221 or follow the link

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