Conkers at Bathpool Park

David Wood’s story this time takes us into Bathpool Park, Kidsgrove, which tells many a tale, especially that of the murdered Lesley Whittle.

Lake at Bathpool Park, Kidsgrove

David starts by saying, You couldn’t beat a walk around Bathpool Lake on a summer evening, even better for us because our granny lived on the way so we got to have a rest and a drink of water both going and coming back.

The pool was considerably bigger then and at the Kidsgrove end there was the smaller Nelson pool, quite stagnant as I remember. It was altered drastically when the new railway line was built and Nelson pool was removed.

The Kidsgrove end of Bathpool was the place to get your conkers, having pockets full of them was something that would keep you busy for quite a while.

Playing Conkers

As this was in the days of low technology and not having rechargeable, variable speed drills available, we had to use a nail or a meat skewer to make the hole for the string.

Many a near miss was had with the skewer almost going through the palm of your hand. We even tried putting them in the oven to make them harder, it didn’t work and our mums didn’t like us doing it anyway.

If you have any stories or memories of Bathpool Park, then please share them with us.

Follow the link to read about the tragic murder of Lesley Whittle in 1975 by Donald Neilson alias the Black Panther,

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