Planners Give Go Ahead for Car Wash

Residents in Goldenhill, along with support from Councillor Martin Garner and the S.A.G.E. Residents Association have lost their battle to stop Top Gear Car Wash and Valet from having their business set up on Goldenhill Workingmen’s Club Car Park.

Concerns raised by residents, Councillor Garner & S.A.G.E. was that the area at it’s narrowest point on the A50 would cause additional traffic as well as noise to those residents who would live across from the car wash.

Other concerns raised was how the chemicals along with the masses of waste water would be removed off site; there was also greater concern because very nearby there is a fishing pool with well established fish stocks, and if this were to get polluted then there would be much more anger with local residents, and the fishing pool owners and fishermen who use the facility.

Those who put in objections to the planning application were angered by the way the proposed car wash business had placed a portacabin on site before the councilĀ  even agreed to the application.

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