Eager Beavers

Eager Beavers along with Goldenhill & Tunstall Scouts and Cubs came to Albany Street, Goldenhill to support elderly residents to spruce up their properties.

On the day Scout Leaders Julie Jones, Tony Porter and other volunteers, helped to supervise the event by cleaning outside the bungalows, as well as doing a much needed litter pick in Albany and Perkins Street.

Sandyford & Goldenhill Residents Association Members Anna Beck & Tom Simpson also gave support to the project by ensuring residents were aware of the event, provided water for cleaning, and oversaw refreshments were provided for everyone who worked so hard on the day.

Everyone who was involved with the event, including residents who live in the street said, what an exciting opportunity this has been for young and old people to come together, and enjoy a worthwhile occasion for the community.

Well done Beavers, Scouts and Cubs, you have done us proud!


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