House Fire in Shelford Road

Local fire station where the appliance engine attended from

On Sunday afternoon, 07.09.14 a fire started behind a fence at a property in Shelford Road, Sandyford.

The time of the fire was approximately 1.50 p.m. and within minutes the fire spread to a nearby shed and then onto a flat roof at the rear of the property.

Once the alarm was raised, Staffordshire Fire & Rescue Service attended the scene, and within minutes the fire was put out.

It was said the family dog was in the property on it’s own at the time of the fire, but fortunately the animal was with it’s owners.

The property at the centre of the incident is next door to the Mace Shop at the junction of High Street/Shelford Road, and because of vehicles stopping on double yellow lines as well as on the no waiting kerb marking restriction zones, it proved difficult for the fire engine to attend the incident sooner.

To date it is not known how the fire started at the Shelford Road property.

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