Residents Urged to Attend Full Council Meeting to Save Community Centre

Residents and users of Goldenhill Community Hall/Centre are urged to attend a full council meeting, Civic Centre, Stoke, Thursday 8th December, meeting commences at 2.30 p.m. to witness Sheila Sidley, Lead petitioner who will be entitled to address the council for up to 5 minutes in support of a 1,000 plus petition to save our community centre.

The door to the public gallery on Kingsway is opened on days when the full council is meeting, and this will be a good opportunity for residents and community centre users to show our strength as a community, and support Sheila Sidley in letting the City Council know of our determination to save Goldenhill’s Community Hall.

Petitions are usually just noted, although in this case Councillor Martin Garner will move a motion that the petition is referred to an overview & scrutiny committee for further investigation. If the council vote to agree to the former then the overview & scrutiny committee has the power to make recommendations to the cabinet e.g. that the community centre should remain open, however the cabinet can ignore this and in any case have their final say.

To save our community centre, let as many people know about the full council meeting as possible, remember strength is shown in numbers, so see you all on Thursday 8th December, 2.30 p.m.

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