Uncollected Rubbish Causes Concern for Goldenhill Residents

Council refuse collectors have refused to collect rubbish from overflowing bins in Taylor Street, Goldenhill.

The council has reported that residents have been leaving the wrong type of waste in their recycling bins.

It was reported that warning notices were left on offending bins, although the Goldenhill residents have said, it is other people who have been placing general waste into their bins which are to go for recycling.

Residents have been reporting that rotting food has been attracting vermin to the area, which has caused further concerns to the neighbourhood.

The City Council in an attempt to improve waste recycling across the city has employed a team of workers to check how recycled waste is being disposed of by residents, and it is believed the process will still carry on being monitored for some time to come.

The good news is that Stoke on Trent City Council has finally returned to the Taylor Street area of Goldenhill to empty the offending bins.


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