Personal & Property Security Presentation

A personal and property security presentation was delivered by “db Security” at a recent Sandyford & Goldenhill Residents Association Committee Meeting.

Darren Mood from the security company talked to committee members and Councillor Martin Garner in respect to what they do in the wider community.

It was reported the company already supports Staffordshire Police and the City Council to deal with antisocial behaviour, including operating a CCTV van to record antisocial activity.

Mr Mood informed the committee that as a company they advise on CCTV law, and that some major store outlets who sell CCTV products are not prosecutable as evidence in law and their only use is for monitoring purposes.

Personal and property products available from “db Security” include, as shown in picture WAWA CCTV KITS, evidence obtained by the system would stand up in a court of law, price fitted £400 to £450 including VAT, and in certain cases grants are available.

Panic alarms where a fall would activate it, e.g. a family member could be made aware of the fall; price to purchase would be £70 including VAT for the first year, although it would cost extra if monitored by a call centre.

Visonic burglar alarm “wireless”, price fitted approximately £350 including VAT.

LED security lights, £40 each including VAT, they can be activated by people or timed.

For more information contact Darren, T: 01782 499070 E:


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