Goldenhill Church School Then & Now

Pictured right is St John’s Church School, which the photograph is believed to have been taken in the 1960’s.

The Church School in it’s prime was a focal point of education in Goldenhill to pupils who attended the school for many year’s, and it is believed goes as far back as Victorian and Edwardian times.

Pictured below is the sorry state of a much loved building, which has been left in a position of disrepair, especially since arsonists have continually been setting the school on fire.

Local residents, S.A.G.E. residents association and Councillor Martin Garner have put the eyesore building to the top of their list to make sure that the land owner makes the area good, whether a new build takes place or that the property is demolished.

The good news is that Stoke on Trent City Council has succeeded in the Magistrates Court to have Landstone Homes prosecuted for failing to comply with a Section 215 Order to have the building made secure.

Local residents can be assured that pressure will still be placed on the Land Owner to address the situation by their residents group, councillor and City Council.

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