Un Co-operative Bank’s to Close in North of the City

The news of two co-operative banks closing on the 1st June in Tunstall & Kidsgrove is devistating news for many people who live in the north of the city.

Residents many who are elderly and live in Goldenhill depend on the Co-op Bank, formerly Britannia Building Society to access their money transactions.

The former Britannia Building Society, locally based in Leek has been recognised for it’s mutuality, which continued when it became the co-op Bank, and has always had strong support from it’s many local residents.

Residents have been reporting that they feel very let down by the news today, especially when witnessing how busy the Tunstall Branch still is, and in some cases customers cannot always travel to Hanley to do their business.

Residents and the residents association are hopeful that the Co-op Bank will reconsider their decision to at least leave one branch open in the north of the city.

For more on this story follow the link http://www.stokesentinel.co.uk/news/local-news/co-op-bank-shutting-four-1052540

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