Is The City Council Crossing The “Red Line”

“Red Line Route” which is a possibility on High Street, Sandyford

A public consultation is planned to discuss the proposed expantion of Stoke on Trent City Council’s “Red Route Scheme” to cover other parts of the city.

The red route proposals could see routes introduced on:

  • Waterloo Road (A50) from Vale Place (Hanley) to Swan Square (Burslem)
  • Scotia Road (A50) from Market Place (Burslem) to Haymarket (Tunstall), Williamson Street (Tunstall) & High Street (Sandyford)
  • Longton town centre, including The Strand, Commerce Street, Market Street, Transport Lane & King Street from Victoria Place (Fenton) to Longton
  • City Road, from Leek Road (Stoke) to Victoria Place (Fenton) & Victoria Road (A50) from Victoria Place (Fenton) to Dewsbury Road (Fenton)
  • Stoke Town centre, including Church Street, Londsdale Street, Fleming Road, Campbell Place, Hartshill Road & Shelton Old Road
  • University Quarter, including Leek Road, from Joiners Square to City Road (Stoke), College Road from Avenue Road to Station Road (Stoke) & Station Road

The City Council say their reasoning behind the proposals is to tackle congestion and inconsiderate parking as well as to improve road safety and keep the city moving.

Stoke on Trent City Council say that red routes – given the name because of the painted red lines – prevent drivers from stopping at any time but can still allow for loading and unloading in designated bays, as well as disabled parking. Hackney carriage vehicles can drop off and pick up passengers, and the driver of a vehicle with a blue badge can also pick up or drop off a disabled person. The restrictions are enforced by CCTV along the routes.

If the proposals are approved then special cameras will be set up to catch those motorists flouting the new regulations, who will then face £70 penalty fines.

Concerns to the idea are that some businesses rely on passing trade, and would be in a position of losing business. Other comments are that there are no real problems with parking, it is just another way of the council trying to make money out of the situation.

People are able to view the plans in more detail and have their say between 1pm and 7pm on the following dates:

  • Thursday, October 4: Floral Hall, Queens Avenue, Tunstall
  • Tuesday, October 9: Copeland Room, Stoke Town Hall
  • Thursday, October 11: Fenton Spiritualist Church, King Street
  • Tuesday, October 16: Swan Bank Methodist Church, Burslem

The consultation will run until Friday, October 19. To take part, visit

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