Conservative Candidate Jonathan Gullis Takes Stoke North Seat From Labour

Jonathan Gullis, New M.P. for Stoke on Trent North

Jonathan Gullis will now be the new Member of Parliament for Stoke on Trent North after defeating Labour’s Ruth Smeeth who has represented the constituency since 2015.

The Stoke on Trent North Constituency was formed almost 70 year’s ago back in 1950, at which time it incorporated parts of the former Leek and Hanley seats.

Before yesterday’s General Election, Ruth Smeeth was the longest serving M.P. representing the Labour Party in the City of Stoke on Trent.

The results of yesterday’s election for Stoke on Trent North are as follows.

Jonathan Gullis (Conservative) 20,974 (52.26%, +7.00%)

Ruth Smeeth (Labour) 14,688 (36.60%, -14.31%)

Richard Watkin (Brexit) 2,374 (5.92%)

Peter Andras (Lberal Democrat) 1,268 (3.16%, +0.97%)

Alan Borgars (Green Party) 508 (1.27%, -0.37%)

Matt Dilworth (Independant) 322 (0.80%)

A Conservative Majority of 6,286 (15.66%)

The swing from Labour to Conservative is 10.65%

The Total Stoke on Trent North Electorate is 84,357; Turnout 40,134 (47.58%)

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