Q-railing, Sandyford’s Record Breaking Company

Q-railing Headquarters, Sandyford

Q-railing based in Sandyford has shown record profits as it’s U.K. revenue for the company hits 14 million pounds.

The German company which has relocated it’s U.K. Headquarters to Stoke on Trent is a shining example of how the city is on the up, and along with other companies moving to Sandyford on the Tunstall Arrow site is a sign that businesses are wanting to move to the area.

Q-railing showing balcony railing & stair handrail

The company manufactures products such as glass balustrade, stainless balcony railings and stair handrails, which are distributed to many major U.K. companies and organisations.

Network Space the company who developed the Tunstall Arrow site is now in the process of building the next stage of the project (Phase 2).



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