Deep Cleaning Your Home: Preventing The Spread of Germs & Keeping Safe Through Coronavirus

With lockdown in place, many of us are looking into the best ways to keep our home clean. This is especially important if you’re self-isolating.

It’s safe to say that a lot of us don’t like housework. But lockdown could be the perfect opportunity to get some deep cleaning done.

Scientists are still unsure about how long the coronavirus can live on surfaces. But regularly giving your house a good clean could stop the spread, especially on areas that are used a lot.

Which areas should you prioritise?

Focus on high traffic areas, for example:

TV remotes, Taps, Handles to doors, fridges and other well-used appliances, Buttons and dials on appliances, Food preparation areas and Bathroom surfaces.

Do you need special products?

Usual household products like soap and/or disinfectants will work a treat when getting rid of germs.

But how do soaps and detergents kill the virus? Without getting into the science too much, the weakest part of the virus cell is made up of a fatty part, known as a lipid.

Soap or detergents destroys the lipid and the cell breaks down, killing the virus.

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