What Sandyford Looked Like 60 Year’s Ago

Pictured below is what Sandyford looked like approximately 60 year’s ago. The image is taken on the corner of Hollywall Lane where immediately to the left (out of picture) would have been the Co-op food shop; further to the left in focus was the sign to the former Dog & Partridge Public House, and now since 1999 is the ever popular McDonald’s fast food restaurant and takeaway.

It is fair to say looking at the picture how times have changed, with no vehicles showing on the main A50 through route leading further into the city of Stoke on Trent.

I suppose when the picture was taken that nobody could have imagined how today Sandyford would be regenerated into a centre where multiple businesses are setting up, which has brought increased employment to the area. Sandyford also boasts having it’s modern and up to date Fire Station as well as Churchill China having it’s headquarters in the area, which is now located behind the billboard showing the Bass sign.

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