Staffordshire Police Reporting Jewellery Thefts including “Goldenhill”

Staffordshire Police have reported that recently there has been jewellery thefts in Goldenhill and nearby Butt Lane. Offenders are targeting homes that are unoccupied due to owners going away on holiday or being out at work during the day. Here are several safety tips the police are suggesting you do to prevent this happening.

  • Close and lock your windows, even if you’re only going out for a couple of minutes
  • Make sure patio doors are secure
  • Consider installing a burglar alarm
  • Make sure valuables are out of sight, even a letterbox can be used by thieves to steal valuables
  • A floor bolted safe can keep your valuables secure
  • Use motion sensing lights inside and outside
  • Hide keys so they are not on view
  • Do not announce on social media that you are going away

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