More smart motorways are being rolled out in England

Seven new smart motorways will be built in England.

It’s thought that these will improve the Strategic Road Network which is comprised of major A-roads and motorways. Covering 4,000 miles of road in England.

This is part of a wider project to vastly improve the road and rail networks in England. Costing around £27 billion.

Many motorists are worried about the safety of smart motorways. And quite rightly; there have been 38 deaths on smart motorways in the last five years.

So where are the new smart motorways?

  • M62 Junctions 20-25
  • M56 junctions 6-8
  • M6 junctions 21A – 26
  • A1 (M) junctions 6-8
  • M25 junctions 10-16
  • M40/42 interchange
  • M3 junctions 9-14

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