Residents Association Spear Heads High Street Road Improvements at McDonald’s

It has been brought to the attention of Sandyford & Goldenhill Residents Association (SAGE) that there are safety issues regarding vehicle access to McDonald’s restaurant drive through facility, especially at weekends.

The problem arises when vehicles are parked up on the High Street from Goldenhill who are waiting to enter McDonald’s, and vehicles already in the queue are not necessarily wanting to join and need to enter other parts of the city via the KFC roundabout.

The residents association and residents are witnessing queueing traffic as far away as Colclough Lane in the heart of Goldenhill.

Road entrance to Sandyford McDonald’s

As a residents association we are now speaking to Council Highways to suggest that line markings depicting McDonald’s traffic and through traffic on the High Street would help alleviate a lot of the problems as well as making the area safer, especially when accidents, near misses and fatalities have happened in the vicinity.

Councillor Chandra Kanneganti along with McDonald’s Senior Management are also supporting the cause to address the ongoing traffic chaos on Sandyford High Street.


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