Traffic Chaos (McDonald’s, Sandyford)

Councillor Chandra Kanneganti and Sandyford & Goldenhill Residents Association have been addressing concerns in regards to traffic chaos caused by McDonald’s drive through facility within Sandyford High Street.

Council Highways have been looking into possible ways to alleviate the traffic situation, but unfortunately suggestions to close access to the restaurant north bound would only add to further congestion southbound when vehicles would need to do a “U Turn” further up the road.

McDonalds Area Manager reported that she has arranged to have new signage implemented at the restaurant, which informs vehicles of a “Left Turn Only on Exit” (pictured), and are hoping that this can help with the flow of traffic.

Statistics provided by the McDonald’s Franchise shows that the Sandyford Restaurant has the fastest turn around through all of it’s drive thru’s, including it being in the top 20% across the country, which is showing their commitment to trying to improve the situation. Management at the store are still committed to see where possible if the drive thru can be speeded up in any way to help further improve traffic flow.

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