Parcel Delivery Scams “Beware”

Staffordshire Police have been advised that criminals are sending out phishing (fraud) emails, purportedly from well-known delivery companies, which claim they’ve been unable to deliver parcels, packages or large letters. These emails may ask the recipient to pay a fee or provide additional details in order to rearrange delivery.

There’s also an increased risk of scam phone calls and texts impersonating delivery companies, as well as fake delivery notices posted through letterboxes. Similarly, these will ask for advance payment or for customers to provide information that is later used to defraud them.

Scam emails will encourage you to click on links to seemingly genuine websites, where you’ll be requested to provide personal and financial information such as your address, date of birth, mobile number or bank details – they use these details to commit fraud. In some cases, victims later receive a call from the criminal pretending to be from their bank’s fraud team, trying to persuade them to move their money to a safe account or reveal their pass codes.

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