Covid Volunteers Receive Unexpected Gift of Kindness

Whilst volunteers supervised car parking facilities at Goldenhill Medical Centre yesterday due to people receiving their covid vaccination, they were surprised to receive free cans of pop from a resident who lives in Elgood Lane, Goldenhill.

The resident said he was so appreciative of the work the volunteers were doing in the blazing sun, and thought it would be a good gesture to show his gratitude for their involvement supporting the local community.

Sandyford and Goldenhill Residents Association who arrange additional volunteers to help out at these sessions believe it is a good opportunity to show support in these difficult times we are now living in.

What was more surprising to the car park volunteers is that on occasion they do receive a back lash from drivers who do not appreciate being requested to park their vehicles in alternative safe locations, and are of the opinion they can leave their vehicle exactly where they want, which makes receiving an unexpected piece of kindness that extra bit special.

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