Go Phone Free When Driving

Staffordshire Police report that most drivers don’t use their phone when driving, but during 2021 859 drivers were prosecuted for this offence in Staffordshire.
Any phone use whilst driving can be dangerous as it can put you, and other road users, in danger as you’re 4 times more likely to crash.
On the launch of this year’s #phonefree campaign we’re sharing a few tips to encourage everyone to avoid using their phone for any reason whilst driving:
Put it out of reach – this is an easy way to avoid temptation, if you can’t reach it, you won’t be tempted to use it.
Plan your route in advance – many people use their phone as a sat nav, so to avoid touching this whilst driving set your journey before you turn the ignition on.
Use safe driving mode – modern mobile phones have the ability to mute incoming calls or notifications when set to safe driving mode so you won’t be distracted.
Pull over, turn the engine off – always make sure you’ve stopped the vehicle in a safe place and turned the engine off before using your phone.
Help the driver – if you’re travelling with a passenger, they can answer any calls and let the person know you’ll call them back when you’ve safely reached your destination.
For more road safety advice, visit the Staffordshire Police website: https://www.staffordshire.police.uk/advice/advice-and-information/rs/road-safety/

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