Important Vehicle Security

Staffordshire Police are asking,

🚛 Do you own or use a van?

❌ We are urging van owners to secure their vehicles and remove valuables after a spate of thefts.

🛠️ Offenders appear to be cutting holes in doors and locks, peeling panels back and damaging windows, in order to access tools which have been stored in vans both overnight and whilst parked during the day.

❗ Ford Transits and Vauxhall Vivaros are amongst the most commonly affected vehicles.

 🔐 Van owners should remain vigilant and consider their vehicle’s security to mitigate the chances of them falling victim to such offences.

🚨 Where possible lock your van in a secure garage and ensure your van is parked in direct view of CCTV cameras to deter any opportunist from targeting your vehicle. 

🖊️ Mark your tools clearly with your name using paint pens and sealing with a clear lacquer spray and please consider removing tools from vans overnight. 

🧰 There are also lockable cabinets and small cameras which can be installed inside vans, alongside additional security measures which can further deter thieves.

👉 For more crime prevention advice, visit:

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