Proposed Double Yellow Lines (Sandyford)

Sandyford & Goldenhill Residents Association (SAGE) shared concerns with Council Highways in regards to additional double yellow lines being placed in the Sandyford area of Stoke on Trent.

The areas publicised for consultation had place names of Tunstall and Goldenhill following the address, which mislead people to believing yellow lines would not be road painted in Sandyford.

The locations for double yellow lines are as follows.

  • Hollywall Lane from High Street for 20m, Tunstall
  • Hollywall Lane from High Street for 186m, Tunstall
  • High Street from Shelford Road to Nos. 644/646, Goldenhill

The reason the residents association took the issue further was because Council Highways may say the street/road name for reference, but not everyone knows where they are, and for example someone seeing High Street, Tunstall would presume it is where the shops are in the town.

Council Highways responded saying, in terms of the mapping on their Traffweb website, they have pointed out to the developer that the proposals for High Street were locating residents searches to one specific area. Following discussions with their development team they have now been able to split the High Street proposals further so that the areas within Tunstall, Sandyford and Goldenhill can be clicked upon. They confirmed this was undertaken and was working for an additional period from 4 December to 18 December.

Council Highways have confirmed that should any resident wish to register their concerns against the proposals, they can do so by email to quoting reference MB/NM/TRO9/2023 and providing their reasons for objections. Please note! The consultation period has been extended and will close on Wednesday 10th January.

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