Antisocial Behaviour “you are not alone”

The positives with antisocial behaviour are that it can and does bring communities together to fight the issues affecting them. The problems that S.A.G.E. has faced with antisocial behaviour are that some residents think that it is only them facing the problem. Through years of being the Secretary of S.A.G.E. I can assure everyone out there that 90% of the time you are not alone. Remember this website is for all residents in Sandyford and Goldenhill, so please use it to let us and the authorities know where the trouble is. Just to remind everyone that if you are witnessing or receiving antisocial behaviour in your area then in all cases please report it to either the police or the City Council.
Remember, you can always go to the Forum Page on the website under Police & Antisocial Behaviour to make your comments known.

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