What you need to know about “Antisocial Behaviour”

Dave Potts, Neighbourhood Enforcement Officer from the City Council reported the following statistics at the S.A.G.E. resident’s public meeting 13.01.11 of antisocial behaviour in the area. The stats given were 61 acceptable behaviour contracts (ABCs) issued in the past twelve months with six current cases of antisocial behaviour and several asbos’s being dealt with at present. Mr Potts added at the meeting that residents need to make him aware of any antisocial activities that are happening in the area. After complaints from residents saying that complaining about antisocial activities doesn’t work, Mr Potts added that an asbo against a person or persons does because if antisocial behaviour occurs in Goldenhill or Sandyford then they would be excluded from the area.

PCSO Michael Frost also updated residents by saying antisocial behaviour has generally decreased in the area over the past couple of months and gave examples of this by saying there has been less burglaries and theft from vehicles.

Although statistics may prove on one hand that antisocial behaviour is down in the area, which was little comfort to those residents who anxiously shouted out their frustration at the meeting and saying antisocial behaviour is ruining our lives and we want something doing about it.

The Public Meeting attracted 82 residents and guests to the meeting, which proved to be very lively at times but the residents association can’t stress enough how important it is to be there on the night to show solidarity to address issues, which affect our daily lives.

If you are suffering from antisocial behaviour in any way then either contact us via the website or use the web page forum tab and go to Police & Antisocial Behaviour to make us aware and the authorities who view the site of the antisocial activities that are going on in your area.

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  • PCSO Mike Frost asked “why didn’t you report it?” when one gentleman stated his daughter had been targeted by jobs that very day. He replied that he had been reporting, but he stated that he doesn’t bother any more as the situation is just ongoing.

    By the lack of abs relief people have lost hope of the police being able to do any thing, and so the reporting drops, and so does the perception of the problem.

    The level of frustration the gentlemen at the back and to the side was very high.

    It’s also ok for Dave Potts to say he needs to know about the levels of Anti-Social behavior but try reporting these problems through on the councils very own anti social behavior helpline.

    The first thing they do is treat you like an idiot for even phoning through in the first place. So my first bit of advice is if serious trouble is kicking off, phone 999, if not, then phone 0300 123 4455.

    I also recommend that streets set up Neighbor Hood Watch Groups where you are taking charge of the issues in your streets. http://www.staffordshire.police.uk/information_zone/neighbourhood_watch/useful_contacts

    Look for the details of Steve Morris, Stoke.

    Phoning the problems might not solve them then and there but it will stop any pen pushing from thinking the problem has gone away.

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