Goldenhill Golf Course Makes Front Page News

The story of events at the Jack Barker Golf Course in Stoke on Trent now features on the front page of the local newspaper.


Friends of Basildon Golf Course are working very closely with Sandyford & Goldenhill Residents Association and they say these are critical days for them because, in spite of them winning the Judicial Review Appeal and the planning permission being quashed, Basildon Golf Centre Limited (aka ‘Jack Barker Golf’) still hold the 99 year lease on the course. They have heard that Managing Director Ron Maydon will be visiting Basildon to discuss the future of the course during the next week.

The Sentinel contacted S.A.G.E. today and there is to be an article in tomorrow’s newspaper highlighting concerns that local residents and the City Council has had with Jack Barker Golf.

The article should be addressing the many issues of what Ron Maydon (Jack Barker) has left us with in this part of the country, including ten years of mud and dust, which residents have had to put up with, to the uncompleted work, which we are left with on the Goldenhill Golf Course.

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1 comment to Goldenhill Golf Course Makes Front Page News

  • stephen docherty

    this man has destroyed this one and keele if anyone is in any doubt what happened at goldenhill i am led to believe, that he has been payed well for taking all dirt from a500 bypass and made moutains up goldenhill of money and crap.The council must have earmarked this years ago and payed him loads 1 000 000 ive heard . I come from scotland and now live in kidsgrove this was one of the best around until the council hounded tony out many years ago .

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