Goldenhill Golf Course Closed “What Next”

Residents who live in Goldenhill and Sandyford need to be talking to S.A.G.E. so we can forward  ideas to councillors and the City Council of what you want to happen to the land.

At the S.A.G.E. resident’s committee meeting this month the golf course was an agenda item and members made the following suggestions of what could be done with the area if and when the situation is resolved with Jack Barker Golf.

  • A nature reserve and walkways, possible funding through a lottery Grant
  • Sporting/recreation area
  • Small extension to allotments (additional rental income for the council)
  • Skateboard park, although this did have a mixed response to the idea

Committee members overwhelmingly agreed that the land should not to be sold for housing or industrial development.

To read more about this story you can follow the Sentinel web link page

5 comments to Goldenhill Golf Course Closed “What Next”

  • Tunstall Pool, and Heathside by the looks of it

  • Carl Ziemann

    Id like it to be restored to its purpose as a golf course. This is where i learnt to play & i firmly believe that with some TLC & a new business plan then it can once again flourish.

    Id certainly be up for the challenge with support from SAGE & the local council.

  • graham

    i would just like to say what a disgrace to let this golf club go to the shame its in, if the council can not get someone to re invest, then why not do the club and the council credit and either re-open it as it was or use part of it as a pitch and play and driving range, this would be able to employ people via the council with the income from the club at no cost,i would be glad to get a petition if needed, so come on before its to late and the building work start for new houses thanks graham

  • graham

    p.s come on every one leave your message for them to see

  • paul

    This course needs reopening again, lovely challenging course, its such a shame the way its been left, get this petition going Graham, i know lots of people who miss this course.

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