Road Potholes

To get the City Council to repair potholes on our roads is now easier than ever to do.

Use the following link and tell them where the repair is needed and they will do the rest by reporting it to Stoke on Trent City Council Highways for you.

Remember the City Council won’t be able to fix the problem unless you tell them.

2 comments to Road Potholes

  • I’ve written a guide with some easy to follow steps showing you how to use fix my street.

    How to use Fix My Street

    I was really maddened by yesterdays interview with council officer Bob Brock on BBC Stoke, where he states that in the past when pot holes have been reported

  • oops, preset submit too soon, he states that in the past reports of pot holes weren’t taken seriously, however now when they investigated further over 90% were genuine reports!!!! This council!

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