Revisiting “The Good old Days” from 1830s Goldenhill

David Wood has forwarded the following article from 1830s Goldenhill and he hopes people will enjoy reading it as much as he has enjoyed researching it.

Starting at 1834 there were 2 Coal Masters, John Henry Clive and Robert Williamson who were actually colliery owners and I suppose, major employers.

Mr. J. Collinson and William Edge were earthenware manufacturers, again, possibly major employers.

George Freakley was a Shoemaker who probably had a very good line in clogs too, my uncle who was a cobbler, was still selling clogs in the 1950s.

Isaac Gater was the village plumber, I would imagine his main line of business was lead piping, hand operated water pumps and septic pits.

John Lucock had an iron foundry, there are several mentions of a foundry at Latebrook and there is still a chimney at Woodstock just 50 yards away from where my Dad was born.

John Nixon was a tailor.

Robert Shufflebotham was a joiner and builder.

It appears that the Nelson Arms and the Red Lion were both owned by Obadiah Booth.

As well as the two inns or taverns, there were 5 beer houses without names.

Thomas Habberley, John Manwaring and William Wheeler were all blacksmiths.

Consider the fact that cars did not exist at that time and the railways didn’t reach Stoke on Trent until around 1845, I suppose any travel or farm work was done with horses.

Only 2 shopkeepers, Arthur Glover and William Walton existed in 1834, this increased dramatically over the next 40 years.

Because there were only 2 shops most people either grew their own food or bought it directly from the farmers.

The 9 farmers were, Henry Clive, Thomas Edwards, George Mountford, John Nixon, Daniel Stubbs, James & William Tunstall, Hugh Turnock and James Wood.

St John’s church wasn’t built until 1842 but there is evidence that a Methodist church existed in the 1830s.

The population was around 1200, including the outlying areas.

The first school was opened about 1841.

Look out for 1851, coming soon, I hope.

If you can add anymore to Goldenhill’s past history then please leave your comments on this page or add your own stories on the “Local Memories Section” on the forum page.

7 comments to Revisiting “The Good old Days” from 1830s Goldenhill

  • gillian harley

    I lived at Latebrook house in the 1960’s as a baby when the Wood family and the Potts family lived there. I remember a scrap yard and a lake on the other side of which was a gypsy caravan site. Do you have any information about the house around this time & what happened in the 1970’s after we left. I have no living relatives that I can ask.
    Many Thanks.

  • David Wood

    Gillian, if you are on Facebook look for Reg Holt, he used to live at Latebrook. Or Christa Caldecott from Linehouses originally. Or Bill Rockey.
    Or message me on here and I will try to help.

  • Hi there David. I was just searching online regarding
    latebrook houses. And came across these comments. Are you on facebook by any chance. Thanks

  • David Wood

    Hello Di. I am on Facebook as myself and as Goldenhill Memories Group.
    Ask to join and I will accept you.

  • Garry Bradbury

    Hi My name is Garry Bradbury and i live in a village called Whitworth in Lancashire.
    My Ancesters lived in Goldenhill and Latebrook in the 1890s along with other family’s called Nash, Windsors, Burgess, all of whom became family through marriages.
    Almost all of these families moved to Rochdale in around 1910, if anyone has pictures of Latebrook i would be interested, Several of the Bradbury family were Married or Buried in St Johns Church. They came from Tunstall nearly all of the Bradbury’s were Butchers from the early 1850 until 1900 and beyond.
    Does anyone know where the Burial/Marriage/Baptism records for Saint Johns Golden Hill?
    Many Thanks

  • Tom Simpson

    Hi Garry,
    Nice to hear from you, Unfortunately St John’s Church, Goldenhill is now closed, but if you want further details e.g. burial/marriage etc. then the person to contact would be Father John Stather, Christchurch, Tunstall who is over the two parishes, contact details Christ Church Vicarage, 26 Stanley Street, Tunstall ST6 6BW,, Tel: 01782 838288.
    I will speak on your behalf to David Wood who is our website historian who will hopefully be able to give you further info on your family past.
    Good luck,
    Tom Simpson, Secretary, Sandyford & Goldenhill residents Association (SAGE).

  • David Wood

    If you Google.
    Wishful thinking st johns goldenhill.

    You will find a very useful list of most of the headstones in St John’s Church yard.
    I’m afraid thatthe official records for Goldenhill were still not available the last time I asked.
    They are apparently in the care of the Diocese of Lichfield.
    Good luck.

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